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Welcome to Revolutions, your one stop real & virtual record shop.
We buy & sell classical vinyl records, as well as keeping a large selection of collectable records covering most styles and genres, especially jazz. If you are searching for a or a historic performance on an original vinyl long playing record, Revolutions is the place to come - either online or at our warehouse premises in Worthing, West Sussex.

A guide to selling your classical record collection.
If you started buying records in the mid 1970's then it is most likely that there is nothing in your collection that has any great value. If you started buying records in the 1950's & 1960's, however, then you may have a few or indeed many valuable records that are of interest to collectors worldwide. Below you will find a brief guide to evaluating your collection. Classical records are collected mainly by record label (manufacturer) and not as one might think by composer, conductor or performer. The mainstay of todays collectables were produced by Decca, HMV (EMI), Philips, RCA, Columbia & Deutsche Gramophon...

Large catalogue of classical LP's.
Add yourself to the mailing list to recieve regular updates, you can remove yourself at any time. To view information on my grading system of classical LP's click on the classical LP's link above. The entire list can be viewed from this page or downloaded as a text file. Please be patient as this may take some time to dowload.

A collectors guide to labels.
A photographic guide to British label variations. Colour photographs of the most popular labels, chronological guide to their changes and information about where these changes occurred in record label number series.

Classical music related links.
Take a look at my picks of the best and most useful classical music related websites on the internet today.

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